Recommendation Dishes

Grilled beef burger topped with cheese                                     チーズハンバーグ £5.50

Grilled beef burger with granted mooli & citrus flavoured soy sauce 

                                                                                                        おろしハンバーグ  £5.50

Deep fried bean curd seasoned with garlic                                          豆腐ニンニク  £6.00

Tofu steak in home made sauce                                                         豆腐ステーキ  £5.50

Chinese cabbage pickles                白菜漬  £4.50

Grilled slices of tuna & spring onion with ginger & soy sauce           ねぎ鮪生姜焼  £8.50

Pan fried octopus balls in iron pan ( 5 pcs)                  鉄板たこ焼き £6.00

Deep fried octopus tempura with brown sauce.                                   たこ天青海苔  £6.50

Deep fried chicken wing seasoned with garlic & shiso herb  

                                                                                              鶏手羽しそニンニク揚げ £5.50

Grilled mackerel fillet with Japanese sea salt               鯖塩焼  £5.50

Grilled salmon belly with Japanese sea salt               鮭はらす塩焼  £5.50

Deep fried slices of sea bass & shiso herb tempura.                    スズキ大葉天ぷら  £7.50

Grilled chicken wing with sea salt & Japanese chilli                          鶏手羽一味焼 £5.50

Japanese style sweet omelette with barbecued eel                                 鰻巻玉子 £6.50

Grilled chicken & spring onion with sea salt on skewers.                           焼鳥 塩    £5.50

Fatty tuna nigiri (2 pcs)          大トロ握り寿司  £7.50

Fatty tuna & spring onion sushi roll                                                       ネギトロ巻 £6.00

Just arrived

Musashino Japanese local brewery beer 330ml                           武蔵野地ビール  £4.80

Funaguchi kikusui ichiban shibori 19% abv 200ml         ふなぐち菊水一番しぼり  £7.00

Kikuisami junmai-shu 15% abv 

                          菊勇三十六人衆  200ml £12.00    or bottle 720ml  £40.00 (hot or cold)  

Tomatin scotch whisky (highland)  40% abv

              トマティン スコッチウイスキー single £5.50   double £10.00   bottle £60.00

Offer      一刻者 bottle  720ml   £60.00          £49.00

灘の銘酒 白壁蔵 吟醸

100ml  £5.00