Appetizer Special (a choice of 3 appetizers ) £ 9.90 前菜三種

Choose from below 以下から選択

Salmon sashimi  鮭刺身

Tuna sashimi まぐろ刺身

Sea bass & flying fish roe sashimi スズキのとびこあえ

Marinated mackerel sashimi しめさば刺身

Sweet prawn sashimi 甘海老刺身

Tuna sashimi with fermented soy beans まぐろ納豆

Spicy cod roe with grounded mooli 明太子おろし

Salmon roe with grounded mooli いくらおろし

  Lightly boiled spinach in a sesame sauce (V)  ほうれん草ごまあえ

Hijiki seaweed & vegetables cooked with sesame oil & soy sauce (V) ひじき

Lightly boiled spinach in a fish based soy sauce ほうれん草おひたし

Grilled salmon skin & spring onion in citrus flavoured soy sauce 鮭皮ポン酢

Chopped boiled octopus たこぶつ

Sesame flavoured cooked lotus root with spicy soy sauce (V) はすきんぴら

Marinated fried salmon 鮭はらす南蛮漬

Small Plates

Crispy potato wedges (v)   £3.50 皮付きポテト

Japanese style omelette   £4.00 厚焼き玉子

Edamame green soya beans (V)  £ 4.50 枝豆

Chilled bean curd with spring onion (V)  £ 4.50 辛味噌豆腐

Chicken meat balls flavoured with Japanese ‘shiso’ herb  £4.50 シソ入りつくね

Deep fried white bait   £4.50 ホワイトベイト唐揚げ

Deep fried bean curd drizzled with our home-made fish sauce  £5.00 揚げ出し豆腐

Deep fried chicken   £5.50 鶏手羽唐揚げ

Calamari deep fried in crispy Japanese style breadcrumbs  £5.00 イカリング揚げ

Bite sized beef burger fried in Japanese style breadcrumbs  £5.50 ミニメンチカツ

Pan-fried pork dumplings  £ 5.50 焼き餃子

Vegetable dumplings (V)  £5.50 野菜餃子

3 kinds of sashimi with fermented soy bean   £6.00 三色納豆

Fried aubergine with sweet miso paste  (v)   £6.00 茄子田楽


Bite sized beef steak pan-fried in garlic butter or teriyaki sauce  £6.50 ひとくちビーフにんにく焼 


Salmon fillets pan-fried in teriyaki sauce  £8.00 鮭照焼

Chicken pan-fried in teriyaki sauce  £8.00 鶏照焼

Pork cutlets deep fried in crispy Japanese style breadcrumbs  £8.00 とんかつ

Chicken thighs deep fried in crispy Japanese style breadcrumbs  £8.00 チキンカツ

Deep fried prawns in crispy Japanese style breadcrumbs  £8.00 エビフライ


Salad with fried asparagus & mushroom seasoned with garlic butter  (V)  £ 6.50


Seaweed salad (V)  £ 7.00 海藻サラダ

Spicy salmon sashimi salad  £ 8.50 スパイシーサーモンサラダ

Crabmeat & avocado salad  £ 8.90 カニとアボカドサラダ

Spicy tuna sashimi salad  £ 9.00 スパイシーツナサラダ


Main dishes

Rice in soup お茶漬け: salmon or pickled plum  £6.00 鮭 梅

             Spicy cod roe  £6.50 明太子

Rice ball おにぎり: salmon, bonito or pickled plum  £3.00 鮭 おかか 梅

         Salmon roe or spicy cod roe  £4.00 いくら 明太子

         Prawn tempura   £4.50 天むす

Noodle dishes (wheat or buckwheat)

Cold noodles with a dipping sauce(V)  £ 8.80 つけうどん そば

Noodles in soup with spinach, omelette & mushroom  £ 12.00 かやく

Noodles in soup with sweetened fried tofu pockets (V)  £ 12.00 きつね

Noodles in soup with tempura served cold or in soup  £ 13.50 天ぷら

Bowl of rice topped with onion & soft scrambled eggs  £9.00  (small £7.00) どんぶり

With deep fried chicken チキンカツ丼

With deep fried pork filletカツ丼

With deep fried prawns エビカツ丼

Soup: miso or clear  £3.00 味噌汁 吸い物

Rice: White  £2.50 ご飯

     Vegetable  £4.00 かやくごはん


3 kinds of sashimi  £20.00 刺身三種

Chef’s choice assorted sashimi  £35.00 おすすめ刺身


Assorted 8 pieces of nigiri & 1 roll  £16.00 寿司盛り合わせA

Assorted 11 pieces of nigiri   £22.00 寿司盛り合わせB

Assortment of sashimi on a bowl of sushi rice  £ 19.50 ちらし寿司

Tuna sashimi on a bowl of sushi rice  £ 19.50 鉄火丼

Salmon sashimi & salmon roe on a bowl of sushi rice  £ 19.50 鮭いくら丼

Sushi rice balls wrapped with sweet cooked bean curd  (v)  £4.50 いなり寿司


Sushi and sashimi box  £ 29.00


Egg omelette  £ 4.00 玉子

Mackerel  £ 4.00 さば

Prawn  £4.00  海老

Salmon  £4.50 鮭

Sea bass  £4.50 すずき

Barbecued eel  £5.00 鰻

Crabmeat  £5.50 カニ

Flying fish roe  £ 5.00 とびこ

Tuna  £ 6.00 まぐろ

Salmon roe  £ 6.50 いくら

Yellow Tail  £ 6.50 はまち

Scallop   £5.00 ほたて

Sweet prawn   £4.50 甘海老


Cucumber roll  (V)  £ 3.50 カッパ巻き

Avocado roll  (V)   £ 3.50 アボカド巻き

Pickled radish roll  (V)  £ 4.00 お新香巻き

Plum and herb roll (V)  £ 4.50 梅シソ巻き

Asparagus tempura roll (v)  £ 6.00 アスパラ天ぷら巻き

Salmon roll  £ 4.00 鮭巻き

Spicy salmon roll (M)  £ 4.50 スパイシーサーモン巻き

Salmon avocado roll (M)  £ 4.50 サケアボカド巻き

Tuna roll  £ 4.50   鉄火巻き

Spicy tuna roll (M)  £ 5.00 スパイシーツナ巻き

Tuna avocado roll (M)  £ 5.00 ツナアボカド巻き

Spicy crabmeat roll (M)  £ 5.00 スパイシークラブ巻き

Crabmeat & avocado roll (M)  £ 5.00  カニアボカド巻き

Grilled eel & cucumber roll  £ 5.50 うなきゅう巻き

California roll (M) (prawn, avocado & flying fish roe)  £ 5.00


Prawn tempura roll  £ 7.00 海老天ぷら巻き

Fried soft shell crab roll (M)  £ 11.00 カニ唐揚げ巻き

Pickled ginger £ 2.50 ガリ

(V) vegetarian options

(M) contains mayonnaise